Five Valuable Tips When Buying Women’s Jogging Suits

Published: 09th April 2010
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Most people nowadays are into healthy living and keeping fit; magazines, books, and articles dedicated to improve over-all wellness abound everywhere. Engaging in a regular fitness regimen is no longer just for serious athletes but even for the average man and woman and even for kids. And one of the more popular forms of exercise routine among individuals of all ages and social classes is jogging because of its many health and economic benefits, not to mention its suitability and convenience. This popularity is evidenced by the herds of joggers that one can observe jogging in the park, sidewalks, and even on hills and mountains.

The increasing number of joggers is not the only thing that has changed but even the jogging wear particularly among women. Women joggers wearing old shirts and worn out pair of shorts or sweatpants are out while women's jogging suits are so in. To think that just a couple of years ago, jogging suits are almost exclusively worn by professional athletes but now such suits are worn by regular joggers, and surprisingly even by those who are more fashion-conscious. The increasing popularity of jogging suits could be attributed to its comfort fit, modern and hip designs, different colors and fabrics and most importantly the many celebrities who were photographed wearing jogging suits; sending the signal that jogging suits are indeed cool.

Although, at present, a lot of women wear jogging suits as a regular casual wear, one should never forget that if jogging suits would be worn for its intended purpose (jogging), it is important to buy the most suitable type. Below are valuable tips when purchasing women's jogging suits:

1) Keep in mind the weather conditions - When buying jogging suits always take into consideration the weather, especially if one is into outdoor jogging. During cold seasons, one could select jogging suits made of acrylic or nylon, or even a combination of acrylic and cotton or polyester. If the weather is very cold, with possibility of snow and rain one could pick out a jacket and hood style with pants made of water-resistant fabric.

2) Remember oneself - When choosing a jogging suit one should always consider if the style, color and overall make-up of the jogging suit is in accordance with one's preference and personality. If the jogging suit boosts one's confidence then the suit could be another motivator for one to stick to a jogging routine.

3) Buy the jogging suit personally - When buying a jogging suit it is vey important to try it on before purchasing considering that most jogging suits have elastic waistband; hence, one may need to buy something that is much smaller than one's actual size. If one will ask other people to buy the suit then one cannot be sure if it will be a good fit.

4) Look around before purchase - When finding the right jogging suit to buy, make sure that one has scanned the department stores, discount and off-price stores and not just sporting good stores to ensure that one will get value for money.

5) Do not sacrifice comfort for style - When selecting the right jogging suit always remember that the purpose of the suit is for jogging that is why comfort should be a priority and being fashionable is just secondary.

Valik Rudd is a jogging enthusiast. He spent a lot of time researching on topics such as women's jogging suits to increase his knowledge on helping more people appreciate healthy living. Check out his Jogging ebook at

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